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Yay!!! It’s Boxing Day! Sale Time!

26 Dec

It’s sale time! Just enter our code XMASDASH25 for 25% off items in our sale section!

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Our sale ends on 4th January 2013! 🙂

Love LFF XOXOImage Image

LFF Vintage Belted Leather Biker Jacket: http://www.lffboutique.com/product/lff-vintage-belted-leather-biker-jacket

LFF Vintage Skull & Spike Panel Shorts: http://www.lffboutique.com/product/lff-skull-spike-panel-shorts


LFF Vintage Bleach Stud Back Gilet: http://www.lffboutique.com/product/lff-vintage-bleach-stud-back-gilet


LFF Vintage Houndstooth Spike Shoulder Blazer: http://www.lffboutique.com/product/lff-vintage-dogstooth-spike-shoulder-blazer


LFF Vintage Power Woman Blazer: http://www.lffboutique.com/product/lff-vintage-power-woman-blazer

LFF Vintage Stud Neck Stripe Top: http://www.lffboutique.com/product/lff-vintage-stud-neck-stripe-top

LFF Vintage Spike Panel Shorts: http://www.lffboutique.com/product/lff-spike-panel-shorts